phonostar-Player 2.0


Your favoured choice for audio from the internet!

Get the phonostar-Player and listen to thousands of internet radio stations from all over the world and record it as MP3. Quite simply!

  • Downlhoeren


    Choose between 7,831 internet radios from all over the world and enjoy your favourite music.

  • Downlaufnahme


    Record radio broadcasts or songs directly as MP3 and listen to it later over and over again.

  • Downltimer


    Don't miss a great radio programme anymore: Schedule your favourite broadcasts with the timer.

  • Downlpodcast


    The new generation of internet radio: Subscribe to interesting podcasts with the phonostar-Player.

And much, much more:

  • Favourites

    Organise your favourite stations according to your wishes.

  • New Design Wanted?

    You want another design? Just change the skin.

  • Top Stations

    The most popular radio stations of phonostar users.

Download now for free! Version 2.01.6 | 4,124 KB

Get the phonostar-Player!

phonostar-Player for your PC

Enter the world of internet radio now: Download the phonostar-Player for free and enjoy your favourite music all day long.

Download now for free! Version 2.01.6 | 4,124 KB

System requirements

The phonostar-Player requires:

  • Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98 or 95
  • Internet access
  • Loudspeakers or headphones
  • Windows Media Player and/or RealPlayer